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Administrative Assistant Job Description

This role is vital to the organization in that it will be responsible for the day-to-day administrative & bookkeeping duties of the company. Maintaining the integrity of the program while meeting the needs of our students and parents is the number one priority of this role.

Job Requirements:
Complete Child Care Regulations and Playground Safety Class
Maintain Continuing Education Classes through Your State

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Assist Owner and Director with Administrative Duties
  • Reconcile Daily Operations Expenses
  • Bill & Apply tuition
  • Complete Daily Balance Summaries
  • Deposit all payments received
  • Keep Child Care Manager Updated
  • Payroll
  • Keep Files Organized and Updated
  • Schedule Maintenance Repairs/ Supplies Needed
  • Keep files updated and current for State Requirement
  • Schedule Continued Education and Keep Updated
  • Update Facebook Page and Website as Needed
  • Contact Parents with a weekly newsletter via email
  • Meet with Director weekly
  • Marketing through follow up letters, phone calls and emails

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